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SD1063: Sunrise view from Albert Mountain on the Appalachian Tra
SD1064: Bee Balm blooming along the Appalachian Trail in Nantaha
SD1086: Goldenrod in a grassy meadow, Middle prong Wilderness, N
SD1087: Goldenrod at sunset, Middle prong Wilderness, NC, late s
SL0101: Wilderness Trail through Natural Garden  Nantahala Natio
SL0103: Catawba Rhododendron on Grassy Ridge, Roan Highlands are
SL0118: Catawba Rhododendron (Rhododendron catawbiense), Nantaha
SL0123: Fallen Catawba Rhododendron Blossoms (Rhododendron cataw
SL0143:  Catawba Rhododendron on Grassy Ridge ,Roan Highlands, T
SL0170:  Bee Balm (Monarda didyna) & Wild Golden-glow (Rudbeckia
SL0177: Foggy Forest with ferns in the understory, Pisgah Nation
SL0189: Tall Coneflower,  Asters and Angelica blooming  on Flat
SL0198: Sunset from Cheoah Point, Santeetlah Lake, Nantahala Nat
SL0200: Ramsey Cascades, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Te
SL0211: Fly Poison (Amianthium muscaetoxicum) & Ferns in Birch F
SL0223: Sunset from Cliff Top, Mt. Le Conte, Great Smoky Mountai
SL0230: Aging beauty--Blue Bead Lily (Clintonia borealis), Great
SL0240: Catawba Rhododendron trunks (Rhododendron catawbiense) i
SL0242: Rock outcrop on Round Bald, Roan Highlands, Tennessee-No
SL0278: Lone Trees in meadows of Doughton Park at sunset, Blue R
SL0278: Lone Trees in meadows of Doughton Park at sunset, Blue R
SL0281: Stone Mountain Falls, Stone Mountain State Park, North C
SL0309: Cades Cove meadow at sunrise, Great Smoky Mountains Nati
SL0340: Granitic dome ecosystem including Catawba Rhododendron,
SL0365: Rhododendron minus, Panthertown Valley, Nantahala Nation
SL0367: Lone Tulip Poplar in a meadow of Liatris spicata and Cor
SL0393: Catawba Rhododendron on Sam's Knob, Black Balsam area of
SL0400:Sunset over Shining Rock, Shining Rock Wilderness, NC, su
Sunset, Middle Prong Wilderness, NC, summer
View across the Linville Gorge from Table Rock Mountain, Linvill

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